MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Geography MCQs for Competitive Examination

Q. 211
Which country is called the land of midnight Sun?

(A) Japan
(B) Norway
(C) Iceland
(D) Denmark

Answer: (B) Norway
Explanation: N/A

Q. 212
The only land-locked country of Southeast Asia is

(A) Cambodia
(B) Nepal
(C) Bhutan
(D) Laos

Answer: (D) Laos
Explanation: N/A

Q. 213
Mount Fuji is the highest peak of which country?

(A) Japan
(B) South Korea
(C) Italy
(D) Philippines

Answer: (A) Japan
Explanation: N/A

Q. 214
Irrawaddy river flows through which of the following countries?

(A) Vietnam
(B) Myanmar
(C) Cambodia
(D) Indonesia

Answer: (B) Myanmar
Explanation: N/A

Q. 215
Which of the following is the largest inland water of body in the world?

(A) Aral Sea
(B) Mediterranean Sea
(C) Pacific Ocean
(D) Caspian Sea

Answer: (D) Caspian Sea
Explanation: N/A

Q. 216
Grasslands found in Australia is known as

(A) Steppe
(B) Downs
(C) Savanna
(D) Prairie

Answer: (B) Downs
Explanation: N/A

Q. 217
Which of the following is the largest land-locked country in the world?

(A) Uzbekistan
(B) Bolivia
(C) Kazakhstan
(D) Mongolia

Answer: (C) Kazakhstan
Explanation: N/A

Q. 218
The largest hot desert in the world is

(A) Sahara
(B) Kalahari
(C) Patagonian 
(D) Taklamakan

Answer: (A) Sahara
Explanation: N/A

Q. 219
Which of the following is the highest mountain peak of Africa?

(A) Mount Kenya
(B) Mount Aconcagua
(C) Mount McKinley
(D) Mount Kilimanjaro

Answer: (D) Mount Kilimanjaro
Explanation: N/A

Q. 220
Greenland, the largest island of the world is a part of which country?

(A) United States
(B) Denmark
(C) Sweeden
(D) Canada

Answer: (B) Denmark
Explanation: N/A

Q. 221
Which of the following is the biggest island nation of Africa?

(A) Mauritius
(B) Comoros
(C) Seychelles
(D) Madagascar

Answer: (D) Madagascar
Explanation: N/A

Q. 222
Africa is the ____________ largest continent after Asia.

(A) Second
(B) Third
(C) Fourth
(D) Fifth

Answer: (A) Second
Explanation: N/A

Q. 223
The strait that separates the continent Africa from Europe is _______________.

(A) Bering Strait
(B) Malacca Strait
(C) Bosphorous Strait
(D) Gibraltar Strait

Answer: (D) Gibraltar Strait
Explanation: N/A

Q. 224
Which continent lies in all four hemispheres?

(A) Asia
(B) Africa
(C) North America
(D) South America

Answer: (B) Africa
Explanation: N/A

Q. 225
Which content is also known as the dark continent?

(A) South America
(B) Australia
(C) Africa
(D) North America

Answer: (C) Africa
Explanation: N/A

Q. 226
Which of the following countries does not border the largest Lake of Africa, Lake Victoria?

(A) Tanzania
(B) Rwanda
(C) Uganda
(D) Kenya

Answer: (B) Rwanda
Explanation: N/A

Q. 227
Africa is known as the dark continent because

  1. It remained unexplored for a long period of time 
  2. The dark skin tone of the people of the continent

(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: (A) Only 1
Explanation: N/A

Q. 228
Which of the following statements about Lake Victorica is/are correct?

  1. The equator passes through it.
  2. It is the source of the White Nile river.

(A) Only 1
(B) Both 1 and 2
(C) Only 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: (B) Both 1 and 2
Explanation: N/A

Q. 229
Arrange the following African countries from west to east based on their geographical location?

  1. Algeria
  2. Egypt
  3. Morocco
  4. Libya

(A) Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt
(B) Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt
(C) Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria
(D) Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Algeria

Answer: (B) Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt
Explanation: N/A

Q. 230
The largest country of Africa by area is

(A) Algeria
(B) South Africa
(C) Nigeria
(D) Democratic Republic of Congo

Answer: (A) Algeria
Explanation: N/A

Q. 231
The most populated country in Africa is

(A) Ethiopia
(B) South Africa
(C) Egypt
(D) Nigeria

Answer: (D) Nigeria
Explanation: N/A

Q. 232
Victoria Falls is located in between Zambia and ____________.

(A) South Africa
(B) Zimbabwe
(C) Mozambique
(D) Botswana

Answer: (B) Zimbabwe
Explanation: N/A

Q. 233
The equator passes through which of the following African countries?

(A) Democratic Republic of Congo
(B) Nigeria
(C) Angola
(D) Chad

Answer: (A) Democratic Republic of Congo
Explanation: N/A

Q. 234
Which of the following countries is not a part of the African continent?

(A) Senegal
(B) Tanzania
(C) Brunei
(D) Burundi

Answer: (C) Brunei
Explanation: N/A

Q. 235
Which continent lies entirely in the northern hemisphere?

(A) North America
(B) Asia
(C) Africa
(D) Both (A) and (B)

Answer: (A) North America
Explanation: N/A

Q. 236
The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of the following African countries?

(A) Mauritania
(B) Morocco
(C) Egypt
(D) Libya

Answer: (A) Mauritania
Explanation: N/A

Q. 237
The continent through which the tropic of cancer, equator and tropic of cancer pass, is

(A) Asia
(B) Africa
(C) North America
(D) South America

Answer: (B) Africa
Explanation: N/A

Q. 238
The strait that separates Africa from Asia is

(A) Bab-al-Mandab
(B) Gibraltar
(C) Palk strait
(D) Strait of Hormuz

Answer: (A) Bab-al-Mandab
Explanation: N/A

Q. 239
Sahara, the world’s largest hot desert lies in which continent?

(A) South America
(B) Asia
(C) Africa
(D) Australia

Answer: (C) Africa
Explanation: N/A

Q. 240
Which of the following is a land-locked sea?

(A) Aral Sea
(B) Timor Sea
(C) Red Sea
(D) Baltic Sea

Answer: (A) Aral Sea
Explanation: N/A

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