MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Spelling Check MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, one word is wrongly spelt. Find the wrongly spelt word.

Q. 101 

(A) Affiliate
(B) Annihilate
(C) Exclaimation
(D) Aesthetic

Answer: (C) Exclaimation

Q. 102 

(A) Persuit
(B) Actually
(C) Parallel
(D) Opinion

Answer: (A) Persuit

Q. 103 

(A) Eighty
(B) Fourty
(C) Ninety
(D) Fifty

Answer: (B) Fourty

Q. 104 

(A) Colleague
(B) Committee
(C) Corresspond
(D) Commission

Answer: (C) Corresspond

Q. 105 

(A) Pamphlet
(B) Potraite
(C) Persevere
(D) Pageant

Answer: (B) Potraite

Q. 106 

(A) Occurrence
(B) Fasineting
(C) Grammatical
(D) Professional

Answer: (B) Fasineting

Q. 107 

(A) Career
(B) Carriage
(C) Calander
(D) Callous

Answer: (C) Calander

Q. 108 

(A) Contamporary
(B) Cooperation
(C) Controversial
(D) Conquer

Answer: (A) Contamporary

Q. 109 

(A) Explain
(B) Except
(C) Expire
(D) Expereince

Answer: (D) Expereince

Q. 110 

(A) Fourteenth
(B) Fourtieth
(C) Seventeenth
(D) Fifteenth

Answer: (B) Fourtieth

Q. 111 

(A) Miniture
(B) Bureaucracy
(C) Plateau
(D) Fomentation

Answer: (A) Minuture

Q. 112 

(A) Triangulation
(B) Priviledge
(C) Commencement
(D) Continuation

Answer: (B) Priviledge

Q. 113 

(A) Extension
(B) Eligible
(C) Explaination
(D) Extract

Answer: (C) Explaination

Q. 114 

(A) Nurture
(B) Particle
(C) Consize
(D) Discern

Answer: (C) Consize

Q. 115 

(A) Affluence
(B) Noticable
(C) Affiliate
(D) Alliance

Answer: (B) Noticable 

Q. 116 

(A) Board
(B) Bliss
(C) Better
(D) Dumbell

Answer: (D) Dumbell

Q. 117 

(A) Weird 
(B) Influence
(C) Independence
(D) Inefficent

Answer: (D) Inefficent

Q. 118 

(A) Assurance
(B) Assurable
(C) Assuredly
(D) Assure

Answer: (B) Assurable

Q. 119 

(A) Berry
(B) Barren
(C) Barrier
(D) Berrel

Answer: (B) Berrel

Q. 120 

(A) Earn
(B) Eerie
(C) Early
(D) Embarass

Answer: (D) Embarass

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