MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Spelling Check MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, one word is wrongly spelt. Find the wrongly spelt word.

Q. 81 

(A) Mansion
(B) Ostentasion
(C) Extension
(D) Persuasion

Answer: (B) Ostentasion

Q. 82 

(A) Practicle
(B) Flexible
(C) Elegant
(D) Flashy

Answer: (A) Practicle

Q. 83 

(A) Pierce
(B) Piteous
(C) Pursue
(D) Patrner

Answer: (D) Patrner

Q. 84 

(A) Nuisance
(B) Negligible
(C) Negociate
(D) Necessary

Answer: (C) Negociate

Q. 85 

(A) Tamarind
(B) Tresure
(C) Truthful
(D) Turmoil

Answer: (B) Tresure

Q. 86 

(A) Consumation
(B) Compromise
(C) Competence
(D) Chronology

Answer: (A) Consumation

Q. 87 

(A) Berry
(B) Barren
(C) Berrel
(D) Barrier

Answer: (C) Berrel

Q. 88 

(A) Employed
(B) Rehersal
(C) Veterinary
(D) Separable

Answer: (B) Rehersal

Q. 89 

(A) Ignorance
(B) Itinerent
(C) Influence
(D) Impeach

Answer: (B) Itinerent

Q. 90 

(A) Champion
(B) Chouffer
(C) Charisma
(D) Choir

Answer: (B) Chouffer

Q. 91 

(A) Cremator
(B) Crater
(C) Cricketer
(D) Cracker

Answer: (A) Cremator

Q. 92 

(A) Celebrity
(B) Celebrate
(C) Celeberation
(D) Celebrant

Answer: (C) Celeberation

Q. 93 

(A) Beaureacracy
(B) Reimbursement
(C) Surveliance
(D) Recrutment

Answer: (B) Reimbursement

Q. 94 

(A) Commemorate
(B) Comemorate
(C) Commemmorate
(D) Comemmorate

Answer: (A) Commemorate

Q. 95 

(A) Acquaintence
(B) Abandon
(C) Alliance
(D) Acquisition

Answer: (A) Acquaintence

Q. 96 

(A) Grief
(B) Sieze
(C) Piece
(D) Fierce

Answer: (B) Sieze

Q. 97 

(A) Monarch
(B) Rebel
(C) Delegat
(D) Edible

Answer: (C) Delegat

Q. 98 

(A) Opportunity
(B) Omision
(C) Obscure
(D) Obsolete

Answer: (B) Omision

Q. 99 

(A) Accross
(B) Already
(C) Alien
(D) Awful

Answer: (A) Accross

Q. 100 

(A) Guidance
(B) Guardian
(C) Guarranty
(D) Guilty

Answer: (C) Guarranty

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