MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Spelling Check MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

Q. 61 

(A) Discripency
(B) Discripancy
(C) Discrepancy
(D) Descripancy

Answer: (C) Discrepancy

Q. 62 

(A) Diarrhoea
(B) Diarhea
(C) Diarrhea
(D) Diarrohea

Answer: (A) Diarrhoea

Q. 63 

(A) Erroneous
(B) Eronneous
(C) Erronous
(D) Eroneous

Answer: (A) Erroneous

Q. 64 

(A) Acquisision
(B) Acqiusition
(C) Acquisition
(D) Acquisetion

Answer: (C) Acquisition

Q. 65 

(A) Clandistine
(B) Clandestine
(C) Clandistene
(D) Clandestene

Answer: (B) Clandestine

Q. 66 

(A) Fascinating
(B) Facinating
(C) Faccinating
(D) Facenating

Answer: (A) Fascinating

Q. 67 

(A) Serendipty
(B) Serendipity
(C) Serndipity
(D) Sernidipity

Answer: (B) Serendipity

Q. 68 

(A) Pontifical
(B) Pontiffical
(C) Pontifecal
(D) Pontificol

Answer: (A) Pontifical

Q. 69 

(A) Tranquility
(B) Tranquillity
(C) Trankquility
(D) Trankwility

Answer: (B) Tranquillity

Q. 70 

(A) Bouquette
(B) Humilliation
(C) Sarcasm
(D) Retalaite

Answer: (C) Sarcasm

Q. 71 

(A) Commensurate
(B) Commensarate
(C) Commansurate
(D) Comansurate

Answer: (A) Commensurate

Q. 72 

(A) Alleviate
(B) Allaviate
(C) Alliveate
(D) Allaevate

Answer: (A) Alleviate

Q. 73 

(A) Innoculate
(B) Inocullate
(C) Inoculet
(D) Inoculate

Answer: (D) Inoculate

Q. 74 

(A) Quintessance
(B) Quintessence
(C) Quaintessence
(D) Quintassence

Answer: (B) Quintessence

Q. 75 

(A) Mispell
(B) Momento
(C) Mischievous
(D) Beleive

Answer: (C) Mischievous

Q. 76 

(A) Camaradari
(B) Comradarie
(C) Camaraderie
(D) Camraderie

Answer: (C) Camaraderie

Q. 77 

(A) Brocollie
(B) Broccoli
(C) Broccolli
(D) Broccli

Answer: (B) Broccoli

Q. 78 

(A) Maintainance
(B) Medieval
(C) Miniscule
(D) Misterious

Answer: (B) Medieval

Q. 79 

(A) Occassion
(B) Ocassion
(C) Occasion
(D) Occassion

Answer: (C) Occasion

Q. 80 

(A) Juwelery
(B) Jewelry
(C) Juallery
(D) Jewellery

Answer: (D) Jewellery

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