MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Spelling Check MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

Q. 41 

(A) Mellnia
(B) Millennia
(C) Milleinia
(D) Meillenia

Answer: (B) Millennia

Q. 42 

(A) Exhilarate
(B) Exhilerate
(C) Exhielarate
(D) Eshilariate

Answer: (A) Exhilarate

Q. 43 

(A) Recuparate
(B) Rekuperate
(C) Rekuparate
(D) Recuperate

Answer: (D) Recuperate

Q. 44 

(A) Ocurrense
(B) Ocurrence
(C) Occurrence
(D) Occurence

Answer: (C) Occurrence

Q. 45 

(A) Immpenetrable
(B) Impenetrable
(C) Impanetrable
(D) Impanetrable

Answer: (B) Impenetrable

Q. 46 

(A) Pharaoh
(B) Faraoh
(C) Pharoah
(D) Pharoar

Answer: (A) Pharaoh

Q. 47 

(A) Inundate
(B) Inundat
(C) Inunndate
(D) Inunndat

Answer: (A) Inundate

Q. 48 

(A) Vaccuumm
(B) Vacuum
(C) Vaecum
(D) Wacuum

Answer: (B) Vacuum

Q. 49 

(A) Sacrilegous
(B) Sacrilageous
(C) Sacrelegous
(D) Sacrilegious

Answer: (D) Sacrilegious

Q. 50 

(A) Onomatopaeia
(B) Onomatopea
(C) Onomatopoeia
(D) Onomatopia

Answer: (C) Onomatopoeia

Q. 51 

(A) Apeareance
(B) Appearrance
(C) Appearance
(D) Apearance

Answer: (C) Appearance

Q. 52 

(A) Conscientious
(B) Consciencious
(C) Conscientous
(D) Conscentious

Answer: (A) Conscientious

Q. 53 

(A) Aquiese
(B) Acquiese
(C) Acquiesce
(D) Acquise

Answer: (C) Acquiesce

Q. 54 

(A) Possetion
(B) Possession
(C) Poessession
(D) Posesion

Answer: (B) Possession

Q. 55 

(A) Humanoide
(B) Rikshaw
(C) Deviance
(D) Virtuos

Answer: (C) Deviance

Q. 56 

(A) Bargundy
(B) Panacea
(C) Revolwer
(D) Cantinue

Answer: (B) Panacea

Q. 57 

(A) Comando
(B) Coolants
(C) Limphoid
(D) Permutted

Answer: (B) Coolants

Q. 58 

(A) Pillage
(B) Spliter
(C) Palenes
(D) Bloting

Answer: (A) Pillage

Q. 59 

(A) Sylabus
(B) Encroach
(C) Coalesse
(D) Adhetion

Answer: (B) Encroach

Q. 60 

(A) Chaastity
(B) Marothon
(C) Reasert
(D) Toxicity

Answer: (D) Toxicity

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