MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Spelling Check MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

Q. 21 

(A) Hibarnate
(B) Hibernat
(C) Hibernate
(D) Hibarnat

Answer: (C) Hibernate

Q. 22 

(A) Stridancy
(B) Stridensy
(C) Stridansy
(D) Stridency

Answer: (D) Stridency

Q. 23 

(A) Fluorescent
(B) Floresecent
(C) Floroscent
(D) Flowrescent

Answer: (A) Fluorescent

Q. 24 

(A) Coniferous
(B) Coniferos
(C) Coniferrous
(D) Coniferros

Answer: (A) Coniferous

Q. 25 

(A) Asassination
(B) Assasination
(C) Assassination
(D) Assaissination

Answer: (C) Assassination

Q. 26 

(A) Arbittrtes
(B) Arbitrates
(C) Arbetrates
(D) Arbettrates

Answer: (B) Arbitrates

Q. 27 

(A) Beizarre
(B) Bizaarre
(C) Bizarre
(D) Bigarre

Answer: (C) Bizarre

Q. 28 

(A) Percoletion
(B) Parcolation
(C) Percolation
(D) Parcoletion

Answer: (C) Percolation

Q. 29 

(A) Aggrression
(B) Aggrresion
(C) Aggression
(D) Agrresson

Answer: (C) Aggression

Q. 30 

(A) Arogance
(B) Arroganse
(C) Aroganse
(D) Arrogance

Answer: (D) Arrogance

Q. 31 

(A) Desperate
(B) Desparate
(C) Dasperate
(D) Daesperate

Answer: (A) Desperate

Q. 32 

(A) Definitely
(B) Definately
(C) Definetly
(D) Definetely

Answer: (A) Definitely

Q. 33 

(A) Odysey
(B) Oddysey
(C) Odyssey
(D) Oddyssey

Answer: (C) Odyssey

Q. 34 

(A) Playwrite
(B) Playwright
(C) Playwrit
(D) Playright

Answer: (B) Playwright

Q. 35 

(A) Preceed
(B) Pumkin
(C) Rasberry
(D) Disastrous

Answer: (D) Disastrous

Q. 36 

(A) Guarantee
(B) Gurantee
(C) Guaranti
(D) Guranty

Answer: (A) Guarantee

Q. 37 

(A) Absencse
(B) Adress
(C) Beleive
(D) Cemetery

Answer: (D) Cemetery

Q. 38 

(A) Calandar
(B) Calendar
(C) Calander
(D) Calender

Answer: (B) Calender

Q. 39 

(A) Colleague
(B) Collegue
(C) Colleage
(D) Coleague

Answer: (A) Colleague

Q. 40 

(A) Miniscule
(B) Minscule
(C) Minuscule
(D) Miniscul

Answer: (C) Minuscule

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