MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Spelling Check MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

Q. 1 

(A) Persecution
(B) Pursecution
(C) Presecution
(D) Persecusion

Answer: (A) Persecution

Q. 2 

(A) Lisense
(B) License
(C) Lycense
(D) Lisence

Answer: (B) License

Q. 3 

(A) Irelevent
(B) Irrelevent
(C) Irrelevant
(D) Irelevant

Answer: (C) Irrelevant

Q. 4 

(A) Allineate
(B) Alienate
(C) Alienatte
(D) Allienate

Answer: (B) Alienate

Q. 5 

(A) Concede
(B) Conceed
(C) Consede
(D) Conseed

Answer: (A) Concede

Q. 6 

(A) Ceilling
(B) Cilling
(C) Cieling
(D) Ceiling

Answer: (D) Ceiling

Q. 7 

(A) Accomodate
(B) Acomodate
(C) Accommodate
(D) Acommodate

Answer: (C) Accommodate

Q. 8 

(A) Commiety
(B) Committee
(C) Comittee
(D) Commitee

Answer: (B) Committee

Q. 9 

(A) Aparrent
(B) Apparent
(C) Apparrent
(D) Aparent

Answer: (B) Apparent

Q. 10 

(A) Referred
(B) Raferred
(C) Refferred
(D) Raeferred

Answer: (A) Referred

Q. 11 

(A) Dillema
(B) Dilemma
(C) Dillemma
(D) Dilema

Answer: (B) Dilemma

Q. 12 

(A) Embarrass
(B) Embarass
(C) Embarras
(D) Embaras

Answer: (A) Embarrass

Q. 13 

(A) Exagarrate
(B) Exagerrate
(C) Exaggerate
(D) Exagerrate

Answer: (C) Exaggerate

Q. 14 

(A) Aberation
(B) Aberration
(C) Abarration
(D) Abberation

Answer: (B) Aberration

Q. 15 

(A) Occurred
(B) Ocurred
(C) Occured
(D) Ocured

Answer: (A) Occurred

Q. 16 

(A) Percieve
(B) Perceive
(C) Perceve
(D) Percive

Answer: (B) Perceive

Q. 17 

(A) Scissors
(B) Scisors
(C) Scisorrs
(D) Sissorrs

Answer: (A) Scissors

Q. 18 

(A) Acquintence
(B) Acquintance
(C) Acquaintance
(D) Accquintance

Answer: (C) Acquaintance

Q. 19 

(A) Camouflage
(B) Camoflage
(C) Chamoflage
(D) Chamouflage

Answer: (A) Camouflage

Q. 20 

(A) Commemmorate
(B) Comemmorate
(C) Commemorate
(D) Commemorrate

Answer: (C) Commemorate

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