MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Sentence Improvement MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (A), (B), (C); which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed choose (D).

Q. 81
We sat there enjoy the view

(A) Enjoyed
(B) Enjoying
(C) Enjoys
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Enjoying

Q. 82
Yes, amazing things has happen with the launch of the internet.

(A) Is happening
(B) Had happen
(C) Have happened
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Have happened

Q. 83
The Sutlej has changed its path.

(A) Journey
(B) Course
(C) Line
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Course

Q. 84
Let us hurry, or else the bus will be leaving the stop by the time we reach there.

(A) Will leave
(B) Will have left
(C) Would have left
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Will have left

Q. 85
The unfortunate old man was knocked away by the rash  driver.

(A) Out by
(B) Off by
(C) By
(D) No improvement

Answer: (A) Out by

Q. 86
One should get trained to prepare one’s own breakfast.

(A) Habituated
(B) Used
(C) Prepared
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Used

Q. 87
I myself think that this investigation is biased.

(A) I think myself
(B) I thought myself
(C) I myself thought
(D) No improvement

Answer: (D) No improvement

Q. 88
Fans queue for the concert tickets since early morning.

(A) Has queued up
(B) Have had  queued
(C) Have been queuing up
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Have been queuing up

Q. 89
The public vent their anger on social media to protest toward police brutality.

(A) For
(B) Against
(C) Regards
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Against

Q. 90
Look at this video clip in which I, my friend and you are enjoying a boat ride.

(A) You, my friend and I
(B) I, you and my friend
(C) My friend, you and I
(D) No improvement

Answer: (A) You, my friend and I

Q. 91 
When  I last saw Ravi, he had been running to catch his bus.

(A) Ran
(B) Was running
(C) Had  run
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Was running

Q. 92
I would love to availing a short holiday, and go for an overnight trek.

(A) To avail myself of
(B) To avail of
(C) To avail myself
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) To avail myself

Q. 93
She has not been well for the past few months.

(A) Since the past
(B) For past
(C) Since the last
(D) No improvement

Answer: (D) No improvement

Q. 94 
Both the families were invited but neither had accepted our invitation.

(A) Accepted
(B) Did accept
(C) Has accepted
(D) No improvement

Answer: (A) Accepted

Q. 95
You are what you have eaten.

(A) Will eat
(B) Eat
(C) Shall eat
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Eat

Q. 96
The teacher did not ask any questions to Rinky.

(A) Any questions of Rinky
(B) To Rinky any questions
(C) Rinky any questions
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Rinky any questions

Q. 97
The candidate was likely to win the assembly elections with the sweeping majority.

(A) By the
(B) With a
(C) By a
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) By a

Q. 98
It was hard to believe that she were dead for three months.

(A) Was
(B) Has been
(C) Is
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Has been

Q. 99
I can’t allow to make jokes in the class.

(A) Cut
(B) Crack
(C) Break
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Crack

Q. 100
His condition has  only deteriorated, his life (hangs with threads).

(A) Is hanging  on threads
(B) Hangs by a thread
(C) Hangs on a thread
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Have been waiting

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