MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Sentence Improvement MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (A), (B), (C); which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed choose (D).

Q. 41
He likes to drive his car at a speed of eighty kilometres each hour.

(A) Every hour
(B) An hour
(C) Hourly
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) An hour

Q. 42
I’m staying with some friends who are owning a farm.

(A) Will be owning
(B) Own
(C) Have been owning
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Own

Q. 43
I will not buy some mangoes.

(A) A little
(B) Much
(C) Any
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Any

Q. 44
He would surely assist me if I had requested him to do so.

(A) Would surely assisted me
(B) Would have surely assisted me
(C) Will have surely assisted me
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Would have surely assisted me

Q. 45
The philanthropist bestowed a lakh to the orphanage.

(A) Granted
(B) Parted with
(C) Donated
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Donated

Q. 46
Despite his father’s financial assistance, he was always hard on.

(A) Hard in
(B) Hard up
(C) Hard out
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Hard up

Q. 47
Ramesh laid in the shade of a tree before he could walk further.

(A) lied
(B) lay
(C) lain
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Lay

Q. 48
As soon as I arrived in home, I knew that something was wrong.

(A) Arrived by home
(B) Arrived home
(C) Arrived my home
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Arrived home

Q. 49
The boys absented themselves for two days.

(A) Were absented
(B) Absented
(C) Had absented
(D) No improvement

Answer: (D) No improvement

Q. 50
He began on a new business venture.

(A) Embarked
(B) Begun
(C) Opened
(D) No improvement

Answer: (A) Embarked

Q. 51
I have to say them the truth.

(A) Tell
(B) State
(C) Speak
(D) No improvement

Answer: (A) Tell

Q. 52
His wife is as tall if not, taller than him.

(A) As tall as, if not
(B) As taller if not
(C) Not as tall but as
(D) No improvement

Answer: (A) As tall as, if not

Q. 53
He is suffering from fever for a week

(A) Was suffering
(B) Had suffering
(C) Has been suffering
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Has been suffering

Q. 54 
Jane had told me that she hasn’t done her homework

(A) Told
(B) Tells
(C) Was telling
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) Tells

Q. 55
A black and white goat were grazing.

(A) The white and the black goat
(B) A black and a white goat
(C) A black and a white goat
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) A black and a white goat

Q. 56
I had took the papers to John’s office.

(A) Will took the papers
(B) Taken the papers
(C) Took the papers
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Took the papers

Q. 57
She took the cycle which he bought yesterday.

(A) That he bought yesterday.
(B) That he had bought yesterday
(C) That he has bought yesterday
(D) No improvement

Answer: (B) That he had bought yesterday

Q. 58
The police booked a case against the taxi driver for wrong parking.

(A) Restricted
(B) Wrote
(C) Filed
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Filed

Q. 59
Scarcely had he left the place when his friend came.

(A) He had scarcely leave
(B) He had left scarcely
(C) He scarcely had left
(D) No improvement

Answer: (D) No improvement

Q. 60
He does not laugh, nor he smiles.

(A) nor he does smile
(B) Neither he does smile
(C) Nor does he smile.
(D) No improvement

Answer: (C) Nor does he smile

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