MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given phrase/idiom.

Q. 141
Sweeping statement

(A) Rash statement
(B) Unpremeditated statement
(C) Thoughtless statement
(D) Generalized statement

Answer: (D) Generalized statement

Q. 142
Look down upon

(A) Sympathise with
(B) Hate intensely
(C) Be indifferent to
(D) Regard with contempt

Answer: (B) Hate intensely

Q. 143
Play truant

(A) Play a tyrant
(B) Stay away from duty
(C) Be responsible
(D) Be alert

Answer: (B) Stay away from duty

Q. 144
A queer fish

(A) Funny person
(B) Strange person
(C) A mad person
(D) A confused person

Answer: (B) Strange person

Q. 145
Out and out

(A) Totally
(B) Simply
(C) Merely
(D) Slightly

Answer: (A) Totally

Q. 146
On the cards

(A) Due
(B) Evident
(C) Certain
(D) Probable

Answer: (D) Probable

Q. 147
Hobson’s choice

(A) Excellent choice
(B) No real choice at all
(C) Choice to live or die
(D) First choice

Answer: (B) No real choice at all

Q. 148
Eat humble pie

(A) To eat slowly
(B) To have an excellent dish
(C) To eat a good pie
(D) To apologize

Answer: (D) To apologize

Q. 149
Ins and outs

(A) Entry and exit
(B) Separate ways
(C) Route
(D) Full details

Answer: (D) Full details

Q. 150
Hard of hearing

(A) Deaf
(B) Disinterested
(C) Insensitive
(D) Arrogant

Answer: (A) Deaf

Q. 151
Have your cake and eat it

(A) Have it both ways
(B) Too greedy
(C) Voracious
(D) Enjoy forever

Answer: (A) Have it both ways

Q. 152
Plough a lonely furow

(A) Do farming
(B) Work single-handedly
(C) Futile work
(D) Do a thankless job

Answer: (B) Work single-handedly

Q. 153
Few and far between

(A) Scarce
(B) Small in distance
(C) Long-distance
(D) In a difficult situation

Answer: (A) Scarce

Q. 154
To cry wolf

(A) To listen eagerly
(B) To give false alarm
(C) To turn pale
(D) To keep off starvation

Answer: (B) To give false alarm

Q. 155
To be above board

(A) To have a good height
(B) To be honest in any business deal
(C) Having no debts
(D) To try to be beautiful

Answer: (B) To be honest in any business deal

Q. 156
To keep the ball rolling

(A) To continue the work
(B) More information
(C) To do better
(D) New strategies

Answer: (A) To continue the work

Q. 157
Fall flat

(A) To fail to stand
(B) To fail to realise
(C) To fail to maintain
(D) To fail to produce intended effect

Answer: (D) To fail to produce intended effect

Q. 158

(A) Fool
(B) Witness
(C) Fall guy
(D) Proxy

Answer: (C) Fall guy

Q. 159
Utopian idea

(A) Unworthy idea
(B) Imaginary idea
(C) Classic idea
(D) Intelligent idea

Answer: (B) Imaginary idea

Q. 160
Lose one’s head

(A) Get angry
(B) Get a headache
(C) Be embarrassed
(D) Shave one’s head

Answer: (A) Get angry

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