MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given phrase/idiom.

Q. 101
To strain every nerve

(A) To make utmost efforts
(B) To feel weak and tired
(C) To be a diligent worker
(D) To be methodical in work

Answer: (A) To make utmost efforts

Q. 102
To flog a dead horse

(A) To whip a dead horse
(B) To attempt to do the impossible
(C) Waste one’s efforts
(D) To take advantage of a weakness

Answer: (C) Waste one’s efforts

Q. 103
To die in harness

(A) Premeditated murder
(B) Dying young in an accident
(C) To die while in service
(D) To be taken by surprise

Answer: (C) To die while in service

Q. 104
At the eleventh hour

(A) At eleven O’clock
(B) At the wrong time
(C) At the last possible moment
(D) At the initial moment itself

Answer: (C) At the last possible moment

Q. 105
Birds of the same feather

(A) Persons of same caste
(B) Persons of same colour
(C) Birds with same type of feather
(D) Persons of the same character

Answer: (D) Persons of the same character

Q. 106
To call a spade a spade

(A) To be frank
(B) To be shy
(C) To be rude
(D) To be diplomatic

Answer: (A) To be frank

Q. 107
To miss the bus

(A) To miss, the bus that one regularly takes
(B) To miss an opportunity
(C) To have something to fall back upon
(D) To find fault with others

Answer: (B) To miss an opportunity

Q. 108
Fish out of water

(A) Disgusted
(B) Uncomfortable
(C) Disappointed
(D) Homeless

Answer: (B) Uncomfortable

Q. 109
To foam at one’s mouth

(A) To brush properly
(B) To get very angry
(C) To salivate on seeing food
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) To get very agnry

Q. 110
Sought after

(A) Highly-paid
(B) Pursued by
(C) In great demand
(D) With great talent

Answer: (C) In great demand

Q. 111
To burn one’s fingers

(A) To get hurt physically
(B) To suffer financial losses
(C) To find work
(D) To suffer nervous breakdown

Answer: (A) To get hurt physically

Q. 112

(A) Directly
(B) Desperately
(C) Stubbornly
(D) Rudely

Answer: (A) Directly

Q. 113
By putting two and two together

(A) To mix several things
(B) To make an arithmetical calculation
(C) To keep people in pairs
(D) To deduce from given facts

Answer: (D) To deduce from given facts

Q. 114
To look down one’s nose

(A) To show anger
(B) To retaliate
(C) To insult in the presence of others
(D) To regard with contempt

Answer: (D) To regard with contempt

Q. 115
To burn the candle at both ends

(A) To spend cautiously
(B) To be stingy
(C) To be extravagant
(D) To survive difficulty

Answer: (C) To be extravagant

Q. 116
To hit the jackpot

(A) To gamble
(B) To get an unexpected victory
(C) To be wealthy
(D) To make money quickly

Answer: (D) To make money quickly

Q. 117
To bring to light

(A) To reveal
(B) To conceal
(C) to provide luminescence
(D) to appeal

Answer: (A) To reveal

Q. 118
On the spur of the moment

(A) To act at once
(B) To ride a horse in a race
(C) To act deliberately
(D) To act at the appointed time

Answer: (D) To act at the appointed time

Q. 119
To have something up one’s sleeve

(A) To hide something in the sleeve
(B) To play a magician trick
(C) To have a secret plan
(D) To play hide and seek

Answer: (C) To have a secret plan

Q. 120
Build castles in the air

(A) Waste time
(B) Daydream
(C) Build houses
(D) Work hard

Answer: (B) Daydream

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