MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given phrase/idiom.

Q. 81
To smell a rat

(A) To smell foul
(B) To see a rat
(C) To chase a rat
(D) To be suspicious

Answer: (D) To be suspicious

Q. 82
To move heaven and earth

(A) To cause an earthquake
(B) To try everything possible
(C) To pray to all Gods
(D) To travel in a rocket

Answer: (B) To try everything possible

Q. 83
To take someone for a ride

(A) To give a ride to someone
(B) To deceive someone
(C) To be indifferent
(D) To disclose a secret

Answer: (B) To deceive someone

Q. 84
In cold blood

(A) Angrily
(B) Deliberately
(C) Excitedly
(D) Slowly

Answer: (B) Deliberately

Q. 85
To put up with

(A) To accommodate
(B) To adjust
(C) To understand
(D) To tolerate

Answer: (D) To tolerate

Q. 86
To take to heart

(A) To be encouraged
(B) To grieve over
(C) To like
(D) To hate

Answer: (B) To grieve over

Q. 87
Weal and woe

(A) Ups and downs
(B) Joys and sorrows
(C) Wholeheartedly
(D) Under suspicion

Answer: (A) Ups and downs

Q. 88
To take to task

(A) Pass over
(B) Reward
(C) Punish
(D) Disappoint

Answer: (C) Punish

Q. 89
Iron will

(A) Good health
(B) Strong determination
(C) Sticks to the point
(D) Has high haemoglobin

Answer: (B) Strong determination

Q. 90
To put an end to

(A) Continue
(B) Start
(C) Stop
(D) Enforce

Answer: (C) Stop

Q. 91
By fits and starts

(A) Regularly
(B) Irregularly
(C) Certainly
(D) Fairly

Answer: (B) Irregularly

Q. 92
Bad blood

(A) Low blood pressure
(B) Feeling of love
(C) Feeling of hatred
(D) High blood pressure

Answer: (C) Feeling of hatred

Q. 93
Turn up

(A) Twist
(B) Appear
(C) Curt
(D) Wind

Answer: (B) Appear

Q. 94

(A) Unwilling to change
(B) Ready to change
(C) Egoist
(D) Arrogant

Answer: (A) Unwilling to change

Q. 95
Turn down

(A) To accept
(B) Reject
(C) Twist
(D) Weave

Answer: (B) Reject

Q. 96
To pass away

(A) To ignore
(B) Walk past
(C) Die
(D) Revise

Answer: (C) Die

Q. 97
To bite the dust

(A) Eat voraciously
(B) Have nothing to eat
(C) Eat roots
(D) To end in failure

Answer: (D) To end in failure

Q. 98
Fall flat

(A) To fail to stand
(B) To fail to realise
(C) To fail to maintain
(D) To fail to produce intended effect

Answer: (B) Damage

Q. 99
Part and parcel

(A) Partly
(B) Unnecessary part
(C) Essential element
(D) Large part

Answer: (C) Essential element

Q. 100
In black and white

(A) Useless
(B) In writing
(C) In short
(D) In full swing

Answer: (B) In writing

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