MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given phrase/idiom.

Q. 61
To take after

(A) To remove
(B) To resemble
(C) To cheat
(D) To write down

Answer: (B) To resemble

Q. 62
Have a finger in every pie

(A) To be greedy
(B) To be meddlesome
(C) To be efficient
(D) To be quarrelsome

Answer: (B) To be meddlesome

Q. 63
To call it a day

(A) Put off work for another day
(B) The day was marvellous
(C) Decide to finish working
(D) Give the day a name

Answer: (C) Decide to finish working

Q. 64
To make up one’s mind

(A) To decide what to do
(B) To remember things clearly
(C) To remind oneself of something
(D) To think creatively

Answer: (A) To decide what to do

Q. 65
A Sacred Cow

(A) A person never to be criticised
(B) A saintly person
(C) A helpful person
(D) A very religious person

Answer: (A) A person never to be criticised

Q. 66
A wild-goose chase

(A) Run after a bird
(B) A fruitful search
(C) Long pursuit
(D) Fruitless pursuit

Answer: (D) Fruitless pursuit

Q. 67
Took to her heels

(A) Bent down
(B) Ran off
(C) Kicked-off her shoes
(D) Rubbed her heels

Answer: (B) Ran off

Q. 68
A bolt from the blue

(A) Struck by thunder
(B) A piece of bad luck
(C) A flash of lighting
(D) A complete surprise

Answer: (D) A complete surprise

Q. 69
The Alpha and Omega

(A) Beginning and end
(B) A Shakespearean play
(C) A Greek song
(D) A Swiss watch

Answer: (A) Beginning and end

Q. 70
A close-fisted person

(A) A powerful person
(B) A miser
(C) A close friend
(D) A cowardly person

Answer: (B) A miser 

Q. 71
A close shave

(A) A narrow escape from danger
(B) Stubble
(C) Very short hair
(D) Hairless skin

Answer: (A) A narrow escape from danger

Q. 72
To play second fiddle

(A) To reduce the importance of one’s senior
(B) Take a subordinate role
(C) To do back seat driving
(D) To be happy, cheerful and healthy

Answer: (B) Take a subordinate role

Q. 73
Time and again

(A) Always
(B) Often
(C) Sometimes
(D) Rarely

Answer: (B) Often

Q. 74
Apple-pie order

(A) Orderly preparation of apple pie
(B) In perfect order
(C) Ordering for apple pie
(D) Arranging apples neatly

Answer: (B) In perfect order

Q. 75
A man of straw

(A) A wicked fellow
(B) A man of no substance
(C) A very active person
(D) A worthy fellow

Answer: (B) A man of no substance

Q. 76
Break the ice

(A) To start doubting
(B) To start a quarrel
(C) To start a conversation
(D) To break a friendship

Answer: (C) To start a conversation

Q. 77
Hand in glove

(A) In close relationship
(B) Non-cooperative
(C) Critical
(D) On bad terms

Answer: (A) In close relationship

Q. 78
Wear and tear

(A) A brand name
(B) Damage
(C) Lot of sorrow
(D) A warning

Answer: (B) Damage

Q. 79
From the bottom of my heart

(A) Sincerely
(B) Lowest position
(C) Totally
(D) Wholly

Answer: (A) Sincerely

Q. 80
At a loss

(A) Expert
(B) Puzzled
(C) Able
(D) Defeat

Answer: (B) Puzzled

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