MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given phrase/idiom.

Q. 21
To take the bull by the horns

(A) To enjoy risky sports
(B) To act foolishly
(C) To face danger boldly
(D) To escape unhurt

Answer: (C) To face danger boldly

Q. 22
Gift of the gab

(A) Receive a precious gift
(B) Achieve sudden greatness
(C) Have the ability to adapt
(D) Have the ability to speak well

Answer: (D) Have the ability to speak well

Q. 23
Turn a deaf ear

(A) To pay attention
(B) To listen carefully
(C) To make someone deaf
(D) To pay no heed

Answer: (D) To pay no heed

Q. 24
Take to task

(A) To assign work
(B) To rebuke
(C) To praise
(D) To give an award

Answer: (B) To rebuke

Q. 25
Have one’s hand full

(A) To be very rich
(B) To be very clumsy
(C) To be very busy
(D) To be very generous

Answer: (C) To be very busy

Q. 26
Face the music

(A) Face the criticism
(B) Face the enemy
(C) Get appreciation
(D) Enjoy the harmony

Answer: (A) Face the criticism

Q. 27
Pass the hat

(A) To sell something
(B) To collect money
(C) To play a game
(D) To avoid work

Answer: (B) To collect money

Q. 28
As the crow flies

(A) To be uncertain
(B) A long winding path
(C) The shortest route
(D) To be directionless

Answer: (C) The shortest route

Q. 29
In a pickle

(A) In jubilation
(B) In great pain
(C) In trouble
(D) In deep sorrow

Answer: (C) In trouble

Q. 30
Red-letter day

(A) A very hot day
(B) A very special day
(C) A frightful day
(D) A very cold day

Answer: (B) A very special day

Q. 31
Through thick and thin

(A) Passing through a thick forest
(B) To be scared of small dangers
(C) Support under all circumstances
(D) To be hard-hearted in times of loss

Answer: (C) Support under all circumstances

Q. 32
Rule the roost

(A) To make all the decisions
(B) To be prosperous but generous
(C) To frequently pick a quarrel
(D) To blindly follow others

Answer: (A) To make all the decisions

Q. 33
Draw a blank

(A) Be happy about something
(B) Be lucky in a game
(C) Be unable to sketch
(D) Be unsuccessful

Answer: (D) Be unsuccessful

Q. 34
Late in the day

(A) To delayed to be of any use
(B) Too ripe to eat
(C) Too dark to see anything
(D) Too old to work

Answer: (A) To delay to be of any use

Q. 35
Put your best foot forward

(A) Walk very cautiously
(B) Take care to dress well
(C) Try as hard as one can
(D) Check every step

Answer: (C) Try as hard as one can

Q. 36
At snail’s pace

(A) Be very persistent
(B) Do something very slowly
(C) Keep your moves secret
(D) Do something very carefully

Answer: (B) Do something very slowly

Q. 37
Make short work of something 

(A) Dispose of quickly
(B) Reduce the size
(C) Shorten some dress
(D) Edit carefully

Answer: (A) Dispose of quickly

Q. 38
Make no headway

(A) Unable to overtake anyone
(B) Check if the head can pass through
(C) Forced to fix a new goal
(D) Unable to progress ahead

Answer: (D) Unable to progress ahead

Q. 39
After one’s own heart

(A) Sharing or having one’s tastes or views.
(B) Infatuation with a person which is not reciprocated.
(C) Memorise something by heart.
(D) Don’t have the courage to do so mething bad for a good person.

Answer: (A) Sharing or having one’s tastes or views

Q. 40
Pull the wool over someone’s eyes

(A) To protect someone
(B) To keep oneself warm
(C) Deceive someone by telling lies
(D) To pretend to be blind to the other person’s bad behaviour

Answer: (C) Deceive someone by telling lies

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