MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Q. 61
I shall always remember my alma mater with gratitude.

(A) Institution where I got education
(B) Teacher who inspired me
(C) Mother’s loving care
(D) Kindergarten days

Answer: (A) Institute where I got education.

Q. 62
Instead of keeping his promise of helping me with office work, he just left me high and dry.

(A) Left me without a drop of water
(B) Left me in a state of anger
(C) Left me alone to do the work
(D) Left me feeling like a fool

Answer: (C) Left me alone to do the work

Q. 63
Unless you make amends for the loss, nobody is prepared to excuse you.

(A) Improve
(B) Confess
(C) Compensate
(D) Pay debt

Answer: (C) Compensate

Q. 64
Before the report reached the authority, the media spilt the beans.

(A) Hinted at the consequences
(B) Dropped the charges
(C) Spilt the content of the package
(D) Revealed the secret information

Answer: (D) Revealed the secret information

Q. 65
Amit said to Rekha, “Don’t make a mountain out off a molehill.”

(A) Exaggerate a minor problem
(B) Attempt an impossible task
(C) Create problems
(D) Start looking for molehills in mountains

Answer: (A) Exaggerate a minor problem

Q. 66
His friend turned out to be a snake in the grass.

(A) Cowardly and brutal
(B) A hidden enemy
(C) An unreliable and deceitful person
(D) Low and mean

Answer: (C) An unreliable and deceitful person

Q. 67
He and his neighbour are always at loggerheads.

(A) Agree on everything
(B) Disagreeing on everything
(C) Aloof from each other
(D) Abusing each other

Answer: (B) Disagreeing on everything

Q. 68
Even in the middle of the fire he kept a level head.

(A) Was impulsive
(B) Was sensible
(C) Was crazy
(D) Was self-centred

Answer: (B) Was sensible

Q. 69
Everybody thought Asha and Ashok were a happy couple, but it was all just make-believe.

(A) Hatred
(B) Treachery
(C) Reality
(D) Pretence

Answer: (D) Pretence

Q. 70
Anand is a nice guy, but sometimes he really gets on my nerves.

(A) Makes me nervous
(B) Shakes my self-confidence
(C) Annoys me
(D) Makes me uncomfortable

Answer: (C) Annoys me

Q. 71
As a student, you should catch time by the forelock.

(A) Speed up
(B) Set up clock back
(C) Slowdown
(D) Seize opportunity

Answer: (D) Seize opportunity

Q. 72
Receiving his first award was a shot in the arm for him.

(A) Responded to criticism angrily
(B) Caused anger in many people
(C) Stopped people criticizing someone
(D) Acted with energy and interest

Answer: (D) Acted with energy and interest

Q. 73
It is sometimes wiser to rely on horse sense than on the advice of colleagues

(A) Advice of parents
(B) Advice of teachers
(C) Advice of colleagues
(D) Basic common sense

Answer: (D) Basic common sense

Q. 74
Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, was a man of letters.

(A) A great letter-writer
(B) A great politician
(C) A literary person
(D) A great patriot

Answer: (C) A literary person

Q. 75
She paid a flying visit to Mumbai to see her ailing father.

(A) Went by aeroplane
(B) A very long visit
(C) A very short visit
(D) A surprise visit

Answer: (C) A very short visit

Q. 76
Raman was on cloud nine when she heard that she had won the lottery.

(A) Frustrated
(B) Very happy
(C) Shocked
(D) Confused

Answer: (B) Very happy

Q. 77
I was in two minds whether to buy a new television or a new computer

(A) To be firm
(B) To be undecided
(C) To take two decisions
(D) To lose one’s mind

Answer: (B) To be undecided

Q. 78
Nowadays it has become a fashion to take French Leave.

(A) Seeking permission from French Embassy
(B) Saying goodbye in French style
(C) Absenting oneself without permission
(D) Taking leave to go to France

Answer: (C) Absenting oneself without permission

Q. 79
He has made a dog’s breakfast of these accounts.

(A) A breakfast for the dogs
(B) An accurate summary
(C) A total mess
(D) A breakfast being served by the dogs

Answer: (C) A total mess

Q. 80
Rohini reached the examination hall in the nick of time.

(A) Just after time
(B) Just in time
(C) very late
(D) Just before time

Answer: (B) Just in time

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