MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Q. 41
He advised her to give a wide berth to malicious people.

(A) Pay more attention to
(B) Give a larger bed to
(C) Share her seat with
(D) Stay away from

Answer: (D) Stay away from

Q. 42
Tripti gave her report quoting chapter and verse.

(A) Spoke like a preacher
(B) Taught like a teacher
(C) Referred to religious books
(D) Provided minute details

Answer: (D) Provide minute details

Q. 43
Sunil’s dog in a manger attitude did not help to settle the matter

(A) Cold
(B) Selfless
(C) Selfish
(D) Warm

Answer: (C) Selfish

Q. 44
If the speaker continues with his boring speech, the audience will probably vote with their feet.

(A) Kick him out
(B) Show their disapproval
(C) Stop him from speaking
(D) Choose him as leader

Answer: (B) Show their disapproval

Q. 45
I threw up my cards for want of funds.

(A) Put my whole income at stake
(B) Looked out for help
(C) Gave up my plan
(D) Gambled all my money

Answer: (C) Gave up my plan

Q. 46
He worked hard to feather his nest.

(A) Trap birds
(B) Decorate his home
(C) Be the envy of others
(D) Provide for his own needs

Answer: (D) Provide for his own needs

Q. 47
Shyam Prasad was a chip off the old block.

(A) A being of the old generation
(B) An experienced old man
(C) A common boy of the locality
(D) Someone similar in character to one’s father

Answer: (D) Someone similar in character to one’s father

Q. 48
My father is undoubtedly an arm-chair critic.

(A) Someone who gives advice based on theory not practice
(B) Someone who gives advice based on practice, not theory
(C) Someone who gives advice based on experience
(D) Someone who never gives advice

Answer: (A) Someone who gives advice based on theory not practice

Q. 49
Who will believe your cock and bull story?

(A) Ambiguous story
(B) Authentic story
(C) Absurd story
(D) Common story

Answer: (C) Absurd story

Q. 50
Sheila’s tall tales have no meaning.

(A) Jealousy
(B) Greed
(C) Boasting
(D) Pride

Answer: (C) Boasting

Q. 51
At his wit’s end, he turned to his old trade.

(A) Overjoyed
(B) After careful thinking
(C) Confidently
(D) Not knowing what to do

Answer: (D) Not knowing what to do

Q. 52
I stirred the hornet’s nest by my honest statement.

(A) Responded to criticism angrily
(B) Caused anger in many people
(C) Stopped people criticizing someone
(D) Acted with energy and interest

Answer: (B) Caused anger in many people

Q. 53
The judge declared the agreement null and void.

(A) Empty
(B) Annulled
(C) Unavoidable
(D) Not binding

Answer: (D) Not binding

Q. 54
I hope you will back me at the meeting.

(A) Criticize
(B) Speak after I do
(C) Follow
(D) Support

Answer: (D) Support

Q. 55
He’s as daft as a brush. Don’t believe a word of what he says.

(A) A liar
(B) Very funny
(C) Very silly
(D) Unreliable

Answer: (C) Very silly

Q. 56
His observations were beside the mark.

(A) Irrelevant
(B) Criticized
(C) Valid
(D) Excellent

Answer: (A) Irrelevant

Q. 57
The principal of this school is a hard nut to crack.

(A) Generous
(B) Difficult
(C) Careless
(D) Kind

Answer: (B) Difficult

Q. 58
We must draw the line somewhere.

(A) Put the screw on
(B) Fix a limit
(C) Aim at the sky
(D) Turn the tables

Answer: (B) Fix a limit

Q. 59
The minister took a birds eye view of the problem.

(A) Vision of a bird
(B) Visualize
(C) See without giving attention
(D) A general view from above

Answer: (D) A general view from above

Q. 60
She played ducks and drakes with her money.

(A) Lent
(B) Spent lavishly
(C) Did not spend
(D) Borrowed

Answer: (B) Spent lavishly

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