MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Phrases and Idioms MCQs for Competitive Examination

In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Q. 21
As a businessman, my father always maintained that his transactions constituted an open book.

(A) An account book always open
(B) A book of open confession
(C) An opening for new ventures
(D) Straight forward and honest dealings

Answer: (D) Straight forward and honest dealings

Q. 22
She is too fond of her own voice.

(A) Loves singing
(B) Very selfish
(C) Does not listen properly to anyone
(D) Very talkative

Answer: (D) Very talkative

Q. 23
The project advanced by leaps and bounds.

(A) Rapidly
(B) Slowly
(C) Sharply
(D) Simply

Answer: (A) Rapidly

Q. 24
Indian police is on the whole high handed in dealing with citizens.

(A) Kind
(B) Overbearing
(C) Prompt
(D) Adept

Answer: (B) Overbearing

Q. 25
I take exception to your statement that I am bad-tempered.

(A) Feel unhappy
(B) Do not agree
(C) Feel angry
(D) Object

Answer: (D) Object

Q. 26
Don’t cast pearls before swine.

(A) Speak nice words and convince them
(B) Offer good things to undeserving people
(C) Uplift the needy for their welfare
(D) Do worthwhile things to stranger

Answer: (B) Offer good things to undeserving people

Q. 27
His speech fell short on the audience.

(A) Had no effect
(B) Moved the audience
(C) Impressed the audience
(D) Was quite short

Answer: (A) Had no effect

Q. 28
The actress took a cue from her brother and became successful.

(A) Some help
(B) A hint
(C) Some money
(D) Learnt acting

Answer: (B) A hint

Q. 29
We wanted the gift to be a surprise for my mother, but my sister gave the game away.

(A) Lost the game
(B) Gave out the secret
(C) Gave away the gift
(D) Withdrew from the plan

Answer: (B) Gave out the secret

Q. 30
I had to pull strings to put up a good show.

(A) Play music
(B) Use personal influence
(C) Use the instrument
(D) Play a song

Answer: (B) Use personal influence

Q. 31
You can easily overcome this situation if you keep your head clear.

(A) Keep faith in
(B) Remain calm
(C) Believe in
(D) Trust others

Answer: (B) Remain calm

Q. 32
There was a job for men to cut my teeth on.

(A) To gain experience
(B) To try
(C) To sharpen my wits
(D) To earn a decent salary

Answer: (A) To gain experience

Q. 33
Unless you grease his palms, he will not do your work.

(A) Talk to him
(B) Flatter him
(C) Beat him
(D) Bribe him

Answer: (D) Bribe him

Q. 34
He has the habit of getting into a row over trivial matters.

(A) Getting a right path
(B) Giving unwanted advice
(C) Seeking the help
(D) Picking up a fight

Answer: (D) Picking up a fight

Q. 35
Do not lose your head in public.

(A) Get angry
(B) Get a headache
(C) Be embarrassed
(D) Shave your hair

Answer: (A) Get angry

Q. 36
He is putting the cart before the horse by purchasing furniture before buying a house.

(A) Doing a thing in the wrong way
(B) Doing a thing in the right way
(C) Committing a great crime
(D) Doing things meticulously

Answer: (A) Doing  a thing in the wrong way

Q. 37
The project is carried over to this year and we need to keep the ball rolling.

(A) To continue the work
(B) More information
(C) To do better
(D) New strategies

Answer: (A) To continue the work

Q. 38
Monica’s habit of picking holes in every relationship is very irksome.

(A) Admiring people
(B) Finding fault
(C) Criticizing people
(D) Arguing with people

Answer: (B) Finding fault

Q. 39
Just keep your wig on. Everything will be alright.

(A) Hold on to your wig, so it won’t fall off
(B) Get another hair cut
(C) Calm down
(D) Take off your wig

Answer: (C) Calm down

Q. 40
Parents pay through their nose for their children’s education.

(A) By taking loans
(B) An extremely high price
(C) Unwillingly
(D) Grudgingly

Answer: (B) An extremely high price

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