MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

One Word Substitution MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 161
Postponement or delay permitted in the suffering of a penalty or the discharge of an obligation

(A) Respite
(B) Spire
(C) Splurge
(D) Scourge

Answer: (A) Respite

Q. 162
A brief or short stay at a place

(A) Solitude
(B) Soiree
(C) Sojourn
(D) Solstice

Answer: (C) Sojourn

Q. 163
Write or carve words on stone or paper

(A) Sketch
(B) Imprint
(C) Affix
(D) Inscribe

Answer: (D) Inscribe

Q. 164
Trouble and annoy continually

(A)  Complaint
(B) Harass
(C) Punish
(D) Oppress

Answer: (B) Harass

Q. 165
A person who is womanish in his habits

(A) Feminist
(B) Philogynist
(C) Effeminate
(D) Feminine

Answer: (C) Effeminate

Q. 166
One who is converted from one religion to another

(A) Pilgrim
(B) Polytheist
(C) Proselyte
(D) Presbyte

Answer: (C) Proselyte

Q. 167
Act of stealing something in small quantities

(A) Pillage
(B) Plagiarise
(C) Proliferate
(D) Pilferage

Answer: (D) Pilferage

Q. 168
Pertaining to the west

(A) Celestial
(B) Occidental
(C) Oriental
(D) Terrestrial

Answer: (B) Occidental

Q. 169
A person who has lost the protection of the law

(A) Outlaw
(B) Immigrant
(C) Outcast
(D) Orphan

Answer: (A) Outlaw

Q. 170
Falsification of documents etc.

(A) Xeroxing
(B) Forgery
(C) Laminating
(D) Copying

Answer: (B) Forgery

Q. 171
To make atonement for one’s sins

(A) Expiate
(B) Renounce
(C) Remonstrate
(D) Recant

Answer: (A) Expiate

Q. 172
Of the highest quality

(A) Productive
(B) Reactive
(C) Superlative
(D) Relative

Answer: (C) Superlative

Q. 173
A place of shelter for ships

(A) Harbour
(B) Helipad
(C) Port
(D) Barrack

Answer: (A) Harbour

Q. 174
Place given to soldiers to live in

(A) Barracks
(B) Trench
(C) Garage
(D) Quay

Answer: (A) Barracks

Q. 175
A person of South African Dutch descent.

(A) Boar
(B) Boer
(C) Boor
(D) Bore

Answer: (B) Boer

Q. 176
A person who deserves all praise

(A) Despicable
(B) Detestable
(C) Laudable
(D) Lovable

Answer: (C) Laudable

Q. 177
Make pale by excluding light

(A) Percolate
(B) Foliate
(C) Procreate
(D) Etiolate

Answer: (D) Etiolate

Q. 178
A warning of impending danger

(A) Naive
(B) Monition
(C) Obtuse
(D) Daft

Answer: (B) Monition

Q. 179
Extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque

(A) Idyllic
(B) Abominable
(C) Iota
(D) Amiss

Answer: (A) Idyllic

Q. 180
An opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information

(A) Proof
(B) Conjecture
(C) Clincher
(D) Averment

Answer:(B) Conjecture

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