MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

One Word Substitution MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 141
An act of misappropriation of money is called

(A) Embezzlement
(B) Misconduct
(C) Debasement
(D) Corruption

Answer: (A) Embezzlement

Q. 142
A written declaration of government or a political party is called

(A) Manifesto
(B) Affidavit
(C) Dossier
(D) Document

Answer: (A) Manifesto

Q. 143
To pay attention

(A) Heed
(B) Glance at
(C) Overlook
(D) Repair

Answer: (A) Heed

Q. 144
Government by the wealthy is called

(A) Theocracy
(B) Plutocracy
(C) Bureaucracy
(D) Aristocracy

Answer: (B) Plutocracy

Q. 145
A decorative ring of flowers and leaves is called

(A) Wreathe
(B) Wreath
(C) Wreeth
(D) Wrath

Answer: (D) Misanthrope

Q. 146
A heavy continuous fall of rain is called

(A) Drizzle
(B) Blizzard
(C) Downpour
(D) Avalanche

Answer: (B) Wreath

Q. 147
The art of making maps and charts is called

(A) Calligraphy
(B) Palaeography
(C) Metallurgy
(D) Cartography

Answer: (D) Cartography

Q. 148
Liable to be easily broken.

(A) Translucent
(B) Brittle
(C) Unhealthy
(D) Opaque

Answer: (B) Brittle

Q. 149
A room or building, for the preservation of plants is called

(A) Plantation
(B) Farmyard
(C) Greenhouse
(D) Plantain

Answer: (C) Greenhouse

Q. 150
A large number of fish swimming together is called

(A) Troupe
(B) Swarm
(C) Litter
(D) Shoal

Answer: (D) Shoal

Q. 151
An extract from a book of writing

(A) Excerpt
(B) Review
(C) Footnote
(D) Preface

Answer: (A) Excerpt

Q. 152
One living on vegetables is called

(A) Vegetarian
(B) Herbivore
(C) Carnivore
(D) Barbarian

Answer: (A) Vegetarian

Q. 153
The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion is called

(A) Fusillade
(B) Salvo
(C) Attack
(D) Volley

Answer: (A) Fusillade
(Fusillade:-a series of shots fired or missiles thrown all at the same time or in quick succession

Q. 154
A word that reads the same backwards as forwards is called

(A) Acrostic
(B) Homophone
(C) Acronym
(D) Palindrome

Answer: (D) Palindrome
(Example of palindrome:- Madam)

Q. 155
A principle or standard by which anything is or can be judged is called.

(A) Manifesto
(B) Copyright
(C) Epitome
(D) Criterion

Answer: (D) Criterion

Q. 156
A state where no law and order exists is called

(A) Monarchy
(B) Mobocracy
(C) Anarchy
(D) Democracy

Answer: (C) Anarchy

Q. 157
A short trip or excursion is called

(A) Rambler
(B) Jaunt
(C) Detour
(D) Stroller

Answer: (B) Jaunt
(Jaunt:-a short excursion or journey made for pleasure)

Q. 158
A speaker’s platform

(A) Stage
(B) Stand
(C) Pulpit
(D) Podium

Answer: (D) Podium

Q. 159
A person who works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn the particular skills needed in their job

(A) Labourer
(B) Worker
(C) Employee
(D) Apprentice

Answer: (D) Apprentice

Q. 160
A supplement to a will is called

(A) Furlough
(B) Adjunct
(C) Effusion
(D) Codicil

Answer: (D) Codicil 
(Codicil:- an addition or supplement that explains, modifies, or revokes a will or part of one)

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