MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

One Word Substitution MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 121
The area of medicine that beat illnesses of bones is called

(A) Ornithology
(B) Paediatrics
(C) Orthodontics
(D) Orthopaedics

Answer: (D) Orthopaedics

Q. 122
A mournful poem or a song is called

(A) Comedy
(B) Tragedy
(C) Elegy
(D) Ode

Answer: (C) Elegy

Q. 123
An image without objective reality is called

(A) Shadow
(B) Utopia
(C) Sensation
(D) Hallucination

Answer: (D) Hallucination

Q. 124
The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old is called

(A) Oncology
(B) Obstetrics
(C) Paediatrics
(D) Geriatrics

Answer: (B) Changeling

Q. 125
A child secretly changed for another in infancy is called

(A) Nipper
(B) Changeling
(C) Toddler
(D) Tyke

Answer: (D) Misanthrope

Q. 126
A container for the ashes of a dead person is called

(A) Vessel
(B) Vase
(C) Jug
(D) Urn

Answer: (D) Urn

Q. 127
Too willing to obey other people is called

(A) Sublimate
(B) Subjugate
(C) Subaltern
(D) Subservient

Answer: (D) Subservient

Q. 128
A person extremely desirous of money is called

(A) Miser
(B) Avaricious
(C) Fervent
(D) Extravagant

Answer: (B) Avaricious

Q. 129
An error or misprint in printing or writing

(A) Agenda
(B) axiom
(C) Erratum
(D) Jargon

Answer: (C) Erratum

Q. 130
A statement in which one says the same thing twice in different words is called

(A) Temerity
(B) Tarragon
(C) Tautology
(D) Repetition

Answer: (C) Tautology

Q. 131
A handsome man is called

(A) Adonis
(B) Tycoon
(C) Debonair
(D) Cavalier

Answer: (A) Adonis

Q. 132
One who compiles a dictionary is called

(A) Lexicon
(B) Lexical
(C) Lexicography
(D) Lexicographer

Answer: (D) Lexicographer

Q. 133
The art of working with metals is called

(A) Meteorite
(B) Metaphysics
(C) Metallurgy
(D) Metalloid

Answer: (C) Metallurgy

Q. 134
A person who worships only one God is called

(A) Polytheist
(B) Monotheist
(C) Philogynist
(D) Theist

Answer: (B) Monotheist

Q. 135
A person who helps another to commit a crime.

(A) Colleague
(B) Accomplice
(C) Assistant
(D) Supporter

Answer: (B) Accomplice

Q. 136
A legal agreement that allows someone to use a building or land for a period of time, usually in return for rent

(A) Assurance
(B) Deal
(C) Lease
(D) Bond

Answer: (C) Lease

Q. 137
The act of killing one’s own brother or sister is called

(A) Homicide
(B) Suicide
(C) Patricide
(D) Fratricide

Answer: (D) Fratricide

Q. 138
Lasting for a very short time

(A) Metronirnic
(B) Friable
(C) Eternal
(D) Ephemeral

Answer: (D) Ephemeral

Q. 139
Submission to all that happens as inevitable.

(A) Pessimism
(B) Pragmatism
(C) Fatalism
(D) Superstition

Answer: (C) Fatalism

Q. 140
The first public performance of a musical or theatrical work or the first showing of a film is called

(A) Opener
(B) Premiere
(C) Debut
(D) Preview

Answer: (B) Premiere

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