MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

One Word Substitution MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 101
A fourteen-line poem is called

(A) Sonnet
(B) Ballad
(C) Ode
(D) Haiku

Answer: (A) Sonnet

Q. 102
A vivacious and lively experience is said to be

(A) Soothing
(B) Scenic
(C) Scintillating
(D) Synthetic

Answer: (C) Scintillating

Q. 103
To secure a boat by attaching it to an anchor is called

(A) Moor
(B) Moot
(C) Moose
(D) Morose

Answer: (A) Moor

Q. 104
To free a person by a verdict of ‘not guilty’ is called

(A) Acquaint
(B) Acquit
(C) Acquiesce
(D) Acquire

Answer: (B) Acquit

Q. 105
One who hates mankind is 

(A) Philanthropist
(B) Misogynist
(C) Humanitarian
(D) Misanthrope

Answer: (D) Misanthrope

Q. 106
Imposed a restriction on

(A) Constipated
(B) Construed
(C) Constrained
(D) Conserved

Answer: (C) Constrained

Q. 107
Feeling annoyed at the sight of unfair treatment is called

(A) Indifferent
(B) Indisposed
(C) Indignant
(D) Indigent

Answer: (C) Indignant

Q. 108
Artistic, musical or dramatic interpretation is called

(A) Rendition
(B) Report
(C) Imitation
(D) Reparation

Answer: (A) Rendition

Q. 109
A planned route or journey is called

(A) Iterate
(B) Itinerary
(C) Itinerant
(D) Isolate

Answer: (B) Itinerary

Q. 110
The one who has a special ability in story telling is called

(A) A compositor
(B) A raconteur
(C) A vocalist
(D) A narrator

Answer: (B) A raconteury

Q. 111
The medical study of skin and its diseases is called

(A) Orthopaedics
(B) Dermatology
(C) Endocrinology
(D) Gynaecology

Answer: (B) Dermatology

Q. 112
A person who enters without any invitation is called

(A) Vandal
(B) Burglar
(C) Intruder
(D) Thief

Answer: (C) Intruder

Q. 113
A thing which is not suitable for eating is called.

(A) Spicy
(B) Tasteless
(C) Uneatable
(D) Inedible

Answer: (D) Inedible

Q. 114
To free someone from all blames is called

(A) Consolidate
(B) Fling
(C) Forbid
(D) Exonerate

Answer: (D) Exonerate

Q. 115
That which cannot be effaced is called

(A) Illegible
(B) Indelible
(C) Invincible
(D) Affable

Answer: (B) Indelible

Q. 116
The burial of a corpse is called

(A) Internment
(B) Interment
(C) Interrogate
(D) Interpose

Answer: (B) Interment

Q. 117
One who is too careless to plan for the future is called

(A) Imprudent
(B) Impractical
(C) Impotent
(D) Improvident

Answer: (D) Improvident

Q. 118
To die without making a will is called

(A) Inure
(B) Inane
(C) Intestate
(D) Indigent

Answer: (C) Intestate

Q. 119
The opinion which is contrary to accepted doctrines is called

(A) Controversy
(B) Advocacy
(C) Heresy
(D) Convention

Answer: (C) Heresy

Q. 120
A land fit for growing crops is called

(A) Sprout
(B) Arable
(C) Sterilized
(D) Venerable

Answer: (B) Arable

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