MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

One Word Substitution MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 61
One who talks in sleep

(A) Somniloquist
(B) Somnambulist
(C) Samaritan
(D) Somnolent

Answer: (A) Somniloquist

Q. 62
One who knows everything

(A) Knowledgeable
(B) Omniscient
(C) Omnipresent
(D) Omnipotent

Answer: (B) Omniscient

Q. 63
Life history written by oneself

(A) Biography
(B) Journal
(C) Autobiography
(D) Memoir

Answer: (C) Autobiography

Q. 64
A person who collects coins

(A) Numismatist
(B) Philistine
(C) Hoarder
(D) Philatelist

Answer: (A) Numismatist

Q. 65
One who believes in God

(A) Theist
(B) Atheist
(C) Agnostic
(D) Ethologist

Answer: (A) Theist

Q. 66
One who cannot pay his debts

(A) Debtor
(B) Glazier
(C) Fraud
(D) Insolvent

Answer: (D) Insolvent

Q. 67
Large scale departure of people

(A) Migration
(B) Exodus
(C) Immigration
(D) Emigration

Answer: (B) Exodus

Q. 68
Government by one person

(A) Autocracy
(B) Aristocracy
(C) Democracy
(D) Autonomy

Answer: (A) Autocracy

Q. 69
One who is for the pleasure of eating and drinking

(A) Gourmet
(B) Epicure
(C) Gourmand
(D) Glutton

Answer: (B) Epicure

Q. 70
One that lives on herbs

(A) Herbivorous
(B) Carnivorous
(C) Omnivorous
(D) Highbrow

Answer: (A) Herbivorous

Q. 71
A person who looks at the bright side of things

(A) Optimist
(B) Pacifist
(C) Pessimist
(D) Philanthropist

Answer: (A) Optimist

Q. 72
One who helps the needy and the helpless

(A) Pedestrian
(B) Samaritan
(C) Philanthropist
(D) Misanthropist

Answer: (B) Samaritan

Q. 73
A person who is indifferent to pleasure and pain

(A) Epicure
(B) Stoic
(C) Hedonist
(D) Fastidious

Answer: (B) Stoic

Q. 74
One who remains absent from duty without permission

(A) Absentee
(B) Teetotaler
(C) Truant
(D) Impostor

Answer: (C) Truant

Q. 75
Animals that live both on land and water

(A) Amphibian
(B) Aquatic
(C) Apiary
(D) Abattoir

Answer: (A) Amphibian

Q. 76
Examination of living tissues

(A) Biopsy
(B) Postmortem
(C) Mortuary
(D) Autopsy

Answer: (D) Autopsy

Q. 77
Murder of people

(A) Genocide
(B) Regicide
(C) Patricide
(D) Homicide

Answer: (D) Homicide

Q. 78
A period of 1000 years

(A) Millennium
(B) Centenary
(C) Century
(D) Sexagenarian

Answer: (A) Millennium

Q. 79
Scientific study of viruses

(A) Bacteriology
(B) Epidemiology
(C) Virology
(D) Cytology

Answer: (C) Virology

Q. 80
The study of origin and history of words

(A) Etymology
(B) Ethnology
(C) Semantics
(D) Phonetics

Answer: (A) Etymology

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