MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

One Word Substitution MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 41
Fear of being confined to a small place

(A) Agoraphobia
(B) Acrophobia
(C) Claustrophobia
(D) Homophobia

Answer: (C) Claustrophobia

Q. 42
A lover of mankind

(A) Misanthrope
(B) Altruist
(C) Apostate
(D) Atheist

Answer: (B) Altruist

Q. 43
One who can use both hands equally well

(A) Ambidextrous
(B) Ambivalent
(C) Dexterity
(D) Skillful

Answer: (A) Ambidextrous

Q. 44
A person who is blindly devoted to an idea

(A) Illiterate
(B) Dogmatist
(C) Supremacist
(D) Chauvinist

Answer: (D) Chauvinist

Q. 45
A person who comes to a country from his own country to settle

(A) Migrant
(B) Immigrant
(C) Emigrant
(D) Exodus

Answer: (B) Immigrant

Q. 46
One who does not tire easily

(A) Invulnerable
(B) Indefatigable
(C) Invincible
(D) Insolvent

Answer: (B) Indefatigable

Q. 47
Lover of self

(A) Egomaniac
(B) Egoist
(C) Narcissist
(D) Optimist

Answer: (C) Narcissist

Q. 48
One who works for the welfare of women

(A) Fugitive
(B) Feminist
(C) Feminism
(D) Philanthropist

Answer: (B) Feminist

Q. 49
One who is a breaker of images and traditions

(A) Hedonist
(B) Traditionalist
(C) Iconoclast
(D) Modernist

Answer: (C) Iconoclast

Q. 50
One who does not express himself freely

(A) Verbose
(B) Introvert
(C) Extrovert
(D) Ambivert

Answer: (B) Introvert

Q. 51
One who is extremely fond of one’s wife

(A) Uxoricide
(B) Uxorious
(C) Usurper
(D) Usurer

Answer: (B) Uxorious

Q. 52
One who has a long experience of any occupation

(A) Veteran
(B) Versatile
(C) Volunteer
(D) Virtuous

Answer: (A) Veteran

Q. 53
Compulsory enlistment for military service

(A) Jingoism
(B) Conscription
(C) Abdication
(D) Belligerent

Answer: (B) Conscription

Q. 54
A speech made without preparation

(A) Extempore
(B) Ephemeral
(C) Novice
(D) Naive

Answer: (A) Extempore

Q. 55
One who does not care for art and literature

(A) Philistine
(B) Philanderer
(C) Philatelist
(D) Philologist

Answer: (A) Philistine

Q. 56
A political leader appealing to popular desires and prejudices

(A) Dictator
(B) Tyrant
(C) Populist
(D) Demagogue

Answer: (D) Demagogue

Q. 57
A person who thinks only about himself and not about others’ needs

(A) Egocentric
(B) Ego maniacal
(C) Egoistic
(D) Egotistic

Answer: (A) Egocentric

Q. 58
Something that cannot be explained

(A) Inexplicable
(B) Unthinkable
(C) Impregnable
(D) Mysterious

Answer: (A) Inexplicable

Q. 59
Study of human race

(A) Anthropology
(B) Etymology
(C) Archeology
(D) Ethnology

Answer: (A) Anthropology

Q. 60
Too much official formality

(A) Bureaucracy
(B) Red-tapism
(C) Diplomacy
(D) Autocracy

Answer: (B) Red-tapism

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