MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Group of Animals- MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 21
A group of owls is called

(A) Parliament
(B) Army
(C) Shoal
(D) Crew

Answer: (A) Parliament

Q. 22
A group of whales is called

(A) School
(B) Pride
(C) Stud
(D) Swarm

Answer: (A) School

Q. 23
A group of deer is called

(A) Host
(B) Stud
(C) Herd
(D) Haul

Answer: (C) Herd

Q. 24
A _______ of Wolves (Fill in the blank).

(A) Pack
(B) Herd
(C) Plague
(D) Pride

Answer: (A) Pack

Q. 25
A ________of Books. (Fill in the blank)

(A) Deck
(B) Library
(C) Pack
(D) Anthology

Answer: (B) Library

Q. 26
A ________ of Cotton. (Fill in the blank)

(A) Bale
(B) Bench
(C) Bevy
(D) Horde

Answer: (A) Bale

Q. 27
A _________of trees. (Fill in the blank)

(A) Jungle
(B) Forest
(C) Garland
(D) Heap

Answer: (B) Forest

Q. 28
A group of rabbit is called as

(A) Nest
(B) Herd
(C) Flock
(D) Pack

Answer: (A) Nest

Q. 29
A group of sparrows is called

(A) Host
(B) Brood
(C) Muster
(D) Litter

Answer: (A) Host

Q. 30
A group of rats/mice is called

(A) Pride
(B) Bunch
(C) Mischief
(D) Colony

Answer: (C) Mischief

Q. 31
A group of parrots is called

(A) Herd
(B) Fleet
(C) School
(D) Company

Answer: (D) Company

Q. 32
A group of crows is called

(A) School
(B) Murder
(C) Bunch
(D) Plague

Answer: (B) Murder

Q. 33
A caravan of ___________. (Fill in the blanks)

(A) Cows
(B) Camels
(C) Bats
(D) Insects

Answer: (B) Camels

Q. 34
A prickle of _________. (Fill in the blanks)

(A) Otters
(B) Mules
(C) Porcupines
(D) Rabbits

Answer: (C) Porcupines

Q. 35
A tower of ____________. (Fill in the blanks)

(A) Giraffes
(B) Lion
(C) Tiger
(D) Zebra

Answer: (B) Anthology

Q. 36
A pod of __________. (Fill in the blank)

(A) Dolphins
(B) Moose
(C) Rats
(D) Otters

Answer: (A) Dolphins

Q. 37
A group of tigers is called

(A) Pride
(B) Batch
(C) Pack
(D) Ambush

Answer: (D) Ambush

Q. 38
A group of cats is called

(A) Colony
(B) Herd
(C) Clowder
(D) Litter

Answer: (C) Clowder

Q. 39
A group of cheetahs is called

(A) Coalition
(B) Herd
(C) Pace
(D) Colony

Answer: (A) Coalition

Q. 40
A group of goats is called

(A) Bevy
(B) Tower
(C) Herd
(D) Tribe

Answer:(D) Tribe

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