MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Group of Animals-MCQs for Competitive Examination

Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentences.

Q. 1
A group of fish is called

(A) Colony
(B) Team
(C) School
(D) Pack

Answer: (C) School

Q. 2
A group of insects/locusts is called

(A) Plague
(B) Shoal
(C) Nest
(D) Troop

Answer: (A) Plague

Q. 3
A group of monkeys is called

(A) Swarm
(B) Stud
(C) Pride
(D) Troop

Answer: (D) Troop

Q. 4
A group of lions is called

(A) Troop
(B) Pride
(C) Team
(D) Tribe

Answer: (B) Pride

Q. 5
A group of hooligans

(A) Mob
(B) Mass
(C) Group
(D) Band

Answer: (A) Mob

Q. 6
A group of ladies

(A) Bevy
(B) Crew
(C) Mass
(D) Horde

Answer: (A) Bevy

Q. 7
A group of soldiers

(A) Band
(B) Army
(C) Bunch
(D) Panel

Answer: (B) Army

Q. 8
A group of cattle is called

(A) Gaggle
(B) Herd
(C) Flock
(D) Host

Answer: (B) Herd

Q. 9
A group of geese is called

(A) Host
(B) Brood
(C) Gaggle
(D) Herd

Answer: (C) Gaggle

Q. 10
Collection of flowers is called

(A) Bouquet
(B) Bunch
(C) Orchard
(D) Clump

Answer: (A) Bouquet

Q. 11
A group of sheeps is called

(A) Troop
(B) Herd
(C) Fleet
(D) Train

Answer: (C) Fleet

Q. 12
A group of bees is called

(A) School
(B) Swarm
(C) String
(D) Plague

Answer: (B) Swarm

Q. 13
A group of players is called

(A) Team
(B) Crew
(C) Gang
(D) Horde

Answer: (A) Team

Q. 14
A group of islands is called

(A) Anthology
(B) Block
(C) Batch
(D) Archipelago

Answer: (D) Archipelago

Q. 15
A Collection of poems is called

(A) Bouquet
(B) Anthology
(C) Bunch
(D) Album

Answer: (B) Anthology

Q. 16
A group of musicians is called

(A) Batch
(B) Band
(C) Circle
(D) Gang

Answer: (B) Band

Q. 17
A group of pupils/students

(A) Bale
(B) Batch
(C) Band
(D) Classmate

Answer: (B) Batch

Q. 18
A group of firends

(A) Circle
(B) Clique
(C) Board
(D) Gang

Answer: (A) Circle

Q. 19
A group of houses in a village

(A) Cluster
(B) Hamlet
(C) Clique
(D) Circle

Answer: (B) Hamlet

Q. 20
A group of robbers

(A) Band
(B) Gang
(C) Batch
(D) Body

Answer:(A) Band

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