MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Assam History MCQs for Competitive Examination

Q. 21
Gohain Kamal Ali, a road connecting Koch Bihar and Narayanpur was constructed during the reign of

[A] Biswa Singha
[B] Siva Singha
[C] Nara Narayan
[D] Raghu Dev

Answer: [C] Nara Narayan
Explanation: N/A

Q. 22
Rang Ghar was constructed during the period of

[A] Rudra Singha
[B] Siva Singha
[C] Pramatta Singha
[D] Rajeswar Singha

Answer: [C] Pramatta Singha
Explanation: N/A

Q. 23
The first permanent capital of Ahom kingdom was established at

[A] Khaspur
[B] Charaideo
[C] Dimapur
[D] Rangpur

Answer: [B] Charaideo
Explanation: N/A

Q. 24
In which year Sukapha laid the foundation of Ahom kingdom at Charaideo?

[A] 1228
[B] 1232
[C] 1250
[D] 1253

Answer: [D] 1253
Explanation: N/A

Q. 25
Who created the post of Borgohain and Burhagohain?

[A] Sukapha
[B] Suteupha
[C] Subinpha
[D] Sudangpha

Answer: [A] Sukapha
Explanation: N/A

Q. 26
Who was the last Ahom ruler?

[A] Jogeswar Singha
[B] Purandar Singha
[C] Sudinpha
[D] None of the above

Answer: [B] Purandar Singha
Explanation: N/A

Q. 27
Which Ahom ruler was known as ‘Bamuni Konwar‘?

[A] Susenpha
[B] Supimpha
[C] Sudangpha
[D] Suhungmung

Answer: [C] Sudangpha
Explanation: N/A

Q. 28
Who was the greatest monarch of the Koch dynasty?

[A] Biswa Singha
[B] Siva Singha
[C] Naranarayana
[D] Hariya Mandal

Answer: [C] Naranarayana
Explanation: N/A

Q. 29
Which Koch ruler assumed the title Naranarayana after ascending throne?

[A] Malladeva
[B] Sukhladhvaj
[C] Biswa Singha
[D] Siva Singha

Answer: [A] Malladeva
Explanation: N/A

Q. 30
Which Koch ruler rebuilt the Kamakhya temple?

[A] Biswa Singha
[B] Siva Singha
[C] Narakasura
[D] Naranarayana

Answer: [D] Naranarayana
Explanation: N/A

Q. 31
Who among the following received the patronage of Koch king Naranarayana?

[A] Sankardeva
[B] Ananta Kandali
[C] Purushottam Vidyavagish
[D] All of the above

Answer: [D] All of the above
Explanation: N/A

Q. 32
Which of the following Ahom ruler assumed the title of Swarga Narayana?

[A] Sudangpha
[B] Suhungmung
[C] Suklenmung
[D] Sulikpha

Answer: [B] Suhungmung
Explanation: N/A

Q. 33
The uprising of Patharughat took place in the year

[A] 1864
[B] 1894
(C) 1826
(D) 1869

Answer: [B] 1894
Explanation: N/A

Q. 34
The Yandaboo Treaty was signed in 1826 between

[A] East India Company and the Ahom King
[B] East India Company and the Burmese
[C] British Crown and the Ahom King
[D] British Crown and the Burmese

Answer: [B] East India Company and the Burmese
Explanation: N/A

Q. 35
Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a

[A] Zamindar
[B] King
[C] Frontier Officer
[D] Naval Commander

Answer: [C] Frontier Officer
Explanation: N/A

Q. 36
Which Ahom ruler was popularly known as ‘Dihingia Raja‘?

[A] Suhungmung
[B] Suklenmung
[C] Rudra Singha
[D] Siva Singha

Answer: [A] Suhungmung
Explanation: N/A

Q. 37
Which of the following Ahom king conducted the first ever census?

[A] Rudra Singha
[B] Udayaditya Singha
[C] Suhungmung
[D] Sulikpha

Answer: [C] Suhungmung
Explanation: N/A

Q. 38
Turbak, a Gaur commander invaded Assam in

[A] 1532
[B] 1530
[C] 1527
[D] 1528

Answer: [A] 1532
Explanation: N/A

Q. 39
Turbak invaded Assam during the reign of which of the following Ahom ruler?

[A] Suhungmung
[B] Udayaditya Singha
[C] Jayadhvaj Singha
[D] Rudra Singha

Answer: [A] Suhungmung
Explanation: N/A

Q. 40
Which Ahom ruler created the position of Barpatra Gohain?

[A] Sukapha
[B] Sudangpha
[C] Supinpha
[D] Suhungmung

Answer: [D] Suhungmung
Explanation: N/A

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