MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Miscellaneous Assam GK MCQs for Competitive Examination

Q. 41
Who was the first chief minister of independent Assam?

[A] Gopinath Bordoloi
[B] Bishnuram Medhi
[C] Tarunram Phukan
[D] None of the above

Answer:[A] Gopinath Bordoloi
Explanation: N/A

Q. 42
Who wrote the state song of Assam ‘O Mur Apunar Dekh‘?

[A] Mitradev Mahanta
[B] Dinanath Sarma
[C] Lakshminath Bezbarua
[D] Hemchandra Goswami

Answer: [C] Lakshminath Bezbarua
Explanation: N/A

Q. 43
First Assamese to receive Jnanpith Award is

[A] Nilamani Phukon
[B] Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
[C] Mamoni Raisom Goswami
[D] Lakshminandan Bora

Answer: [B] Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
Explanation: N/A

Q. 44
Gauhati University was established in the year

[A] 1948
[B] 1952
[C] 1968
[D] 1932

Answer: [A] 1948
Explanation: N/A

Q. 45
Syed Abdul Malik won Sahitya Academy award for the book

[A] Aghari Aatmar Kahini
[B] Surujmukhir Swapna
[C] Ruptirthar Yatri
[D] Moroha Phool

Answer: [A] Aghari Aatmar Kahini
Explanation: N/A

Q. 46
Nirupama Borgohain won Sahitya Academy for the novel

[A] Abhiyatri
[B] Alakananda
[C] Jalachabi
[D] Sunyatar Kavya

Answer: [A] Abhiyatri
Explanation: N/A

Q. 47
Molai forest situated on Majuli island is a ________________.

[A] Man made forest
[B] Rainforest
[C] Swamp
[D] Natural forest

Answer: [A] Man made forest
Explanation: N/A

Q. 48
The novel ‘Abhiyatri‘ is based on the life of

[A] Chandraprabha Saikiani
[B] Nirmalprabha Bardoli
[C] Aideo Handique
[D] Nalinibala Devi

Answer: [A] Chandraprabha Saikiani
Explanation: N/A

Q. 49
Which of the following is the north bank tributary of the river Brahmaputra?

[A] Kapili
[B] Namdang
[C] Sonkosh
[D] Burhi Dehing

Answer: [C] Sonkosh
Explanation: N/A

Q. 50
Who was the British police officer ordered to open fire at the gathering peasants at Patharughat in 1894?

[A] Mr J D Anderson
[B] Mr Singer
[C] Mr R B McCabe
[D] Mr Barrington

Answer: [D] Mr Barrington
Explanation: N/A

Q. 51
Nagajari Khanikargaon stone inscription was discovered in which district of present Assam?

[A] Kamrup
[B] Tezpur
[C] Golaghat
[D] Nagaon

Answer: [C] Golaghat
Explanation: N/A

Q. 52
Madhav Dev died in the year

[A] 1546
[B] 1568
[C] 1592
[D] 1596

Answer: [D] 1596
Explanation: N/A

Q. 53
Pitambar Dev Goswami, arrested in the Quit India Movement (1942) was the Satradhikar  of which Satra of Assam?

[A] Auniati Satra
[B] Dakshinpat Satra
(C) Garmur Satra
(D) Barpeta Satra

Answer: (C) Garmur Satra
Explanation: N/A

Q. 54
Who among the following Kachari kings assumed the name ‘Pratap Narayan‘ after defeating the Ahoms in battle?

[A] Bhimbal Narayan
[B] Kamal Narayan
[C] Indra Narayan
[D] Jasa Narayan

Answer: [C] Indra Narayan
Explanation: N/A

Q. 55
In which place, the first session of Assam Association was held in 1905?

[A] Guwahati
[B] Dibrugarh
[C] Sivsagar
[D] Jorhat

Answer: [B] Dibrugarh
Explanation: N/A

Q. 56
Lakshminath Bezbarua was borne in the year

[A] 1864
[B] 1868
[C] 1870
[D] 1891

Answer: [B] 1868
Explanation: N/A

Q. 57
Hayunthal Copper Plate inscription was issued by which of the following Kamrupa ruler?

[A] Bhaskarvarman
[B] Ratnapala
[C] Vanamalavarmadeva
[D] Harjaravarman

Answer: [D] Harjaravarman
Explanation: N/A

Q. 58
Which of the following is not a tributary of the Barak river?

[A] Katakhal
[B] Jiri
[C] Longai
[D] Raidak

Answer: [D] Raidak
Explanation: N/A

Q. 59
First Assamese book to win Sahitya Academy was

[A] Iyaruingam
[B] Bonphool
[C]  Bedanar Ulka
[D] Aadhunik Galpa Sahitya

Answer: [B] Bonphool
Explanation: N/A

Q. 60
The Abhiruchi Sports Day is celebrated on

[A] January 17
[B] September 3
[C] February 21
[D] November 24

Answer: [B] September 3
Explanation: N/A

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