MCQs with Solutions for all Competitive Examinations

Miscellaneous Assam GK MCQs for Competitive Examination

Q. 21
Nalinibala Devi won Sahitya Academy Award for the book

[A] Saponar Sur
[B] Sandhiyar Sur
[C] Parasmani
[D] Alakananda

Answer: [D] Alakananda
Explanation: N/A

Q. 22
Who was the first editor of Ramdhenu?

[A] Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
[B] Maheswar Neog
[C] Indrakamal Bezbarua
[D] Chandrakumar Agarwala

Answer: [C] Indrakamal Bezbarua
Explanation: N/A

Q. 23
The book ‘Upala Nadir Dore‘ is

[A] a poetry book
[B] a novel
[C] an autobiography
[D] a drama

Answer: [C] an autobiography
Explanation: N/A

Q. 24
Which of the following Assamese feature films was awarded the president’s silver medal for the first time as the best Assamese feature film?

[A] Piyoli Phukan
[B] Ronga Police
[C] Puberun
[D] Shakuntala

Answer: [B] Ronga Police
Explanation: N/A

Q. 25
Which one of the following is the first island made a district in India?

[A] Quibbed Island
[B] Majuli
[C] Bhabani Island
[D] None of the above

Answer: [B] Majuli
Explanation: N/A

Q. 26
For what the Shamaguri Satra is famous in India for?

[A] Raasleela
[B] Preserving ancient cannons
[C] Mask making
[D] All of the above

Answer: [C] Mask making
Explanation: N/A

Q. 27
Which city of Assam is also known as ‘The Cultural City of Assam’?

[A] Guwahati
[B] Jorhat
[C] Sivsagar
[D] Nagaon

Answer: [B] Jorhat
Explanation: N/A

Q. 28
One of the following districts of Assam is known for imparting Sanskrit education and Kamrup Sanskrit Sanjivani Sabha is located at the place. Which is that place?

[A] Dhemaji
[B] Sivasagar
[C] Nalbari
[D] Dibrugarh

Answer: [C] Nalbari
Explanation: N/A

Q. 29
Sonkuriha is a village situated in Nalbari district whose mention could be found in Kautilya’s Arthasastra for producing fiest silk of his era, but with a different name. What was the earlier name of that village?

[A] Tailaparnika
[B] Bimugdhabastram
[C] Swarnakunda
[D] Suvaryakunda

Answer: [D] Suvaryakunda
Explanation: N/A

Q. 30
In which of the following National Parks/wildlife sanctuaries, the density of Rhinoceros is highest?

[A] Manas
[B] Pobitara
[C] Kaziranga
[D] Nameri

Answer: [B] Pobitara
Explanation: N/A

Q. 31
Pakyong airport is located in

[A] Mizoram
[B] Arunachal Pradesh
[C] Sikkim
[D] None of the above

Answer: [C] Sikkim
Explanation: N/A

Q. 32
Kalita is an ethnic group or caste of Hindus belong to

[A] Kshatriya
[B] Shudras
[C] Brahmins
[D] Vaishyas

Answer: [A] Kshatriya
Explanation: N/A

Q. 33
Who was the first governor of independent Assam?

[A] F. A. Ahmed
[B] Sir Sadullah
(C) Sir M.S. Akbar Haidari
(D) None of the above

Answer: (C) Sir M.S. Akbar Haidari
Explanation: N/A

Q. 34
Which is the only state bordering Assam in the west?

[A] Manipur
[B] Meghalaya
[C] Nagaland
[D] West Bengal

Answer: [D] West Bengal
Explanation: N/A

Q. 35
Which of the following is tallest hill of Assam?

[A] Nilachal
[B] Barail
[C] Surya Pahar
[D] Narakasur Pahar

Answer: [B] Barail
Explanation: N/A

Q. 36
Who was the first lady judge of the hon’ble Gauhati High Court?

[A] Smt Anima Hazarika
[B] Smt Meera Sarma
[C] Smt Indira Shah
[D] Smt Rumi Kumari Phukan

Answer: [C] Smt Indira Shah
Explanation: N/A

Q. 37
Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is situated at

[A] Dergaon
[B] Jorhat
[C] Sivsagar
[D] Dibrugarh

Answer: [B] Jorhat
Explanation: N/A

Q. 38
Along with Kaziranga National Park in Assam this protected wildlife area in the state of Assam too was declared as a World Heritage site in 1985. Find its name from the options listed below.

[A] Nameri
[B] Manas
[C] Dibru Saikhowa
[D] Orang

Answer: [B] Manas
Explanation: N/A

Q. 39
‘Assamese women weave dreams on their looms’who said this?

[A] Mahatma Gandhi
[B] Jawaharlal Nehru
[C]  B. R. Ambedkar
[D] Gopinath Bordoloi

Answer: [A] Mahatma Gandhi
Explanation: N/A

Q. 40
The Dhola-Sadiya bridge is on the river

[A] Brahmaputra
[B] Lohit
[C] Dibang
[D] Siang

Answer: [B] Lohit
Explanation: N/A

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